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Feeding and Nutrition - The Making of a Champion

Dr. John Kohnke does a great job of answering questions on special situations — the fat horse, thin horses, drought, feeding vices. It shows how to judge the quality of grains and hays, how to check for important (and ignore unimportant) variations, and how to blend your own horse feeds. Separate chapters deal with practical feeding and nutritional requirements of breeding mares, growing horses, orphan foals and yearlings. Details on performance horses such as hunters, racing, eventers and show jumpers are presented. No matter if you are riding western pleasure horses, breeding ponies or working draft horses, this book covers your needs. If you're breeding horses you especially need this book to insure mare and stallion performance. Feeding and Nutrition: The Making of a Champion also covers practical day-to-day issues and offers some thoughtful solutions to common feed-related problems. Dr. Kohnke, B.V.Sc, R.D.A., is the author of over 500 papers, books and articles. He lectures regularly around the world on horse health.
Feeding and Nutrition - The Making of a Champion
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